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We Providing the best education in the best possible facilities is a key aim at School of Retail and Logistics Management and the Institute has invested heavily in its facilities for students over the last number of years. In our campus at Mundathicode and our collaborative centers spread all over Kerala, recent developments have included the state-of-the-art Infrastructure for various courses.

ECDL truly is a community, where staff and students alike tend to know each other’s names, say hello in the hallways. Campus life is friendly, relaxed and social with small classroom teaching helping students to learn quicker, integrate faster. Our students tell us that they love ECDL; it’s a lively, fun, challenging and safe place to study, and to live.

The biggest markets can be captured with only a good and strong strategy by the corporate sector. After the opening up of the economy, organized retails formats are coming to India. In the developed countries, the retail industry has developed into a full fledged industry with more than three fourths of the total retail trade being handled by the organized sector. Retail management is an adjustment for the globalization policy. The Indian common man could also get international standard of product. The Indian citizen is enjoying goods on par with American citizen. The government should take careful about exploitation of consumers by the multi national companies. The consumer's exploitation can be halted with the help of creation of a high dose of competition in the market.

Retailing and logistics are concerned with product availability. Many have described this as ‘getting the right products to the right place at the right time’. Unfortunately that description does not do justice to the amount of effort that has to go into a logistics supply system and the multitude of ways that supply systems can go wrong. The very simplicity of the statement suggests logistics is an easy process. Problems and mistakes can be all too apparent. The real management ‘trick’ is in making product availability look easy, day in and day out, whilst understanding consumer demand and reacting to its sometimes volatile dimensions.

Career Opportunities!

The field of retail is large and opportunities for employment are available in many business organizations.

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