Career and Opportunities for Retail & Logistics

Career Opportunities

The field of retail is large and opportunities for employment are available in many business organizations. With the multi-disciplinary skills and relevant shop-floor practice acquired from the course, you will be suitable for a wide range of retailing careers. You could also be entrepreneurs managing your own businesses or be employed as retail supervisors, retail business development executives, merchandisers, visual merchandisers, marketing executives and retail operations executives.

If you are fascinated by the fast pace of the retail industry, then the Retail Management (RM) specialization is the choice for you. If you enjoy working with people, and are willing to go the extra mile, you will find that the retail industry offers many challenges and opportunities for you! With retailers drumming up new business using new retailing concepts locally and regionally, specializing in retail is an attractive option. With India now a hub for international retail brands, a career in retailing would be truly exciting!


Get ready for a challenging career in any industry or sector with logistics functions! You can embark on a career as a supply chain analyst, logistics specialist, logistics analyst, distribution manager, distribution planner, transportation manager or logistics hub manager, or work in manufacturing companies as a buyer or planner. You may also work in the Tourism industry, semiconductor industry, banking and commerce.

There are very good career prospects in abroad companies such as: COSCO Group, DHL Express, Federal Express (FedEX), United Parcel Service (UPS), YCH Group, PANALPINA World Transport, Apple Computers, Motorola, Philips, Creative Technology, Neptune Orient Lines (NOL), Hapaq Lloyd, Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS), Port of Singapore Authority (PSA) etc.

Career opportunities in logistics continue to grow. Even during downturns in the business cycle, when companies are cutting costs, the demand for able and experienced supply chain managers remains high. Surveys have shown that when other areas of industry have recruited less, recruitment into logistics has not declined.

Logistics is the management of supply chain. Customer service, warehousing, transport, purchase, materials handling, strategic planning and so on are part of the work. A logistician is a professional who works in the field of logistics management, controlling the flow of goods, services, energy and resources.


Logistics Managers, Materials Managers, Import / Export Managers, Warehouse and Stock Managers, Supply Chain Managers, Distribution Managers, Transport Managers, Logistics Consultants

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