Theory class: Morning batch-10:00am to 1:00 pm, Evening Batch- 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm, Monday to Saturday. (At respective Institutions) Practical class: Total- 360Hours. (As decided by the head office)


We build personal rapport with every student to overcome his problems learning the art of Retail & Logistics course and create a situation that allows relatively relaxed atmosphere. We believe in positive approach to discipline and consider as a means of helping student to learn acceptable behaviors according to the levels of development.

Career Opportunities!

The field of retail is large and opportunities for employment are available in many business organizations.

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Student may be dismissed from the Institute on following ground:

  • Non payment of Fees.
  • Consistent poor performance.
  • Persistent indiscipline.
  • Poor attendance and leave without prior permission or on flimsy ground.
  • Any other reason the management of the Institute deems fit.


Students enrolled at the Institute are expected to conduct themselves properly at all times. They are expected to abide by the laws of the city, state and nation and by all rules and regulations of the Institute. Accordingly any student who demonstrates an unwillingness to adjust to the rules and regulation that are prescribed or that may be prescribed to govern the student body will be placed on probation, suspended or expelled from the Institute . Each student is subjected official regulations governing student’s activity and student behavior. Furthermost, it is the responsibility of each student to adhere to the principles of academic integrity. Academic integrity means that a student is honest with himself, fellow students, instructors and the Institute in matters concerning his educational Endeavors. Thus a student should not falsely claim the work of another as one’s own or misrepresent him so that the measures of one’s academic performance do not reflect his own work or personal knowledge. If there are reasonable grounds to believe that a student has disregarded the regulations or student responsibilities, Those students, who feel that discipline is a punishment, need not take trouble to apply for admission at the Institute.


  • Insubordination and rude language or misconduct are sufficient reasons for the suspension of a student. The student must remember that respect is the reciprocal of respect.
  • Students should take particular care to be punctual. Students who are late would not be allowed in the class.
  • Liquor consumption, smoking, chewing tobacco and such other habits are strictly prohibited in the Academy's premises.
  • Proper clearance from respective departments towards the progress, conduct, character etc. will be essential for appearing in the examination.
  • Regularity is of the at most importance and thus absence at even a single lecture will be considered as absence for the day.
  • It is imperative that the students strictly adhere to the day of opening and closing of each term during the academic year.
  • The Principal is competent to condone deficiency in attendance as deemed fit.
  • The candidate should have carried out the project work/seminar prescribed for the course to the satisfaction of the Principal and should be certified as fit for appearing for the examination.
  • The Institute office should be informed in writing of any change in address of the students with immediate effect.
  • Student should have attended at least 80% of each theory and practical classes. In case failing, he will be debarred from examinations.


  • In all cases of absence, an application duly endorsed by the parents/local guardian must be submitted to the office of the Institute immediately. If absence is on medical ground, certificate from a registered Medical practitioner must be attached with the application along with the fitness certificate. In doubtful cases, the students will be referred to a competent Medical Practitioner as per the choice of the Institute and the report produced by the same will be treated as final.
  • A student who is absent for more than 3 days consecutively should submit a Medical certificate from a registered Medical Practitioner along with the leave letter to the Principal of the Institute
  • All students are responsible to the Principal for their conduct in the Institute premises and in public.
  • The Institute's authorities cannot be held responsible or liable for any loss of belongings of the Students. However, any articles found in the Institute premises should be handed over to the office of the Institute so that steps can be initiated towards returning of the same to the rightful owner.
  • All tests, theory and practical examination are compulsory and every student has to appear for these examinations.
  • The student should not participate in any political or anti-social activities. Otherwise the student will be liable to be expelled from the institute.
  • Students will have to pay for the replacement or repair of the Institute's property lost or damaged caused by them through carelessness or improper use.


he Logistics Management programme is designed to introduce participants on the latest technology and development in the logistics industry. It assists participants to achieve a high degree of effectiveness within the industry by providing wide range of relevant skills and talents to complement their experience in their scope of work. It is a 12-month part-time intensive programme and is ideal for participants who are or intend to be in this industry.


It is the obligation of every student to notify the Institute's office of any change in name or address. Failure to do so can cause serious delay in the handling of the student's records and in notification of emergencies at home.


The management reserves to itself the right to make additional alterations to the existing rules, working hours, time tables as may be deemed necessary from time to time. The students shall be required to abide by the rules that are in vogue and that may be enforced in future from time to time.


Each student is responsible for informing himself of the academic regulation and requirements set forth in this prospectus and for revisions of the same as posted on notice boards or release in other official publications of the Institute. Failure to meet these requirements because of lack of knowledge will be no excuse to the student from meeting the academic regulations and requirements